Scottie Saver Club

begging Scottie                 

What is the Scottie Saver’s Club?

It’s a special club designed to encourage kids 12 and under the benefits of saving their money at the credit union.

There is no minimum balance required to earn dividends on a Scottie Saver Account.

What are the benefits of being a Scottie Saver Club Member?

  • Scottie Saver Club members receive a surprise from the credit union for their birthday.
  • Scottie Saver Club Members can pick a toy from the treasure chest each time they deposit $5 or more into their account.

How do you open an account?

All you need is $5.00 to open an account.  When you open a Scottie Saver Club account you’ll receive a special bank, a coloring book, and lots more!

For more information about opening a Scottie Saver Club account contact one of our three locations!      

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